Assembly Integration

We have an experienced and skilled assembly team within Hallmark. 

We offer assembly of simple component parts and regularly undertake far more complex value-added assembly operations, for example:

  • Network equipment including ethernet modules and fixing kits
  • Server room cabinets with storage media and cable management
  • Installation of air conditioning systems
  • Fitting foam linings for thermal management or cushion protection
  • Fitting environmental and EMI gaskets
  • Installation of hardware, such as castors, latches and handles

For many clients we also:

  • Create kits of parts for use by their end-user
  • Pack the job ready for dispatch and produce labels to their specification

Kanban and JIT

Every day we manufacture parts to customer forecasts and manage stock levels and replenishment using methods such as kanban.

We are extremely successful at managing the demands of JIT supply and over the last few years we have maintained a 100% On-Time-Delivery record to these customers despite spikes in demand and quick changes.

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