Extreme Cases - UK MoD Equipment Case

Required to meet Def Stan 81-41, these containers had to satisfy the stringent UK MoD requirements for build quality and proven effectiveness in key areas such as ingress protection, load bearing capacity and corrosion resistance.

Extreme Cases, a key partner to Hallmark, designed the bespoke solution based on it's successful Lockdown product and passed the manufacturing information to Hallmark for completion.

From start of Production to Dispatch, these containers tested virtually every manufacturing capability offered by Hallmark:

  • 1.5mm 5754 aluminium punched on our EM Punch.
  • 2mm 5754 aluminium laser cut stacking corners cut on our C1 combination machine.
  • Body, end panels and the lid folded on our 3m HFP press brakes.
  • Stacking corners and internal stiffeners folded on the Astro automated press brake.
  • All parts TIG welded and linished on site.
  • Partial assembly completed prior to paint, including rivetting of dish handles and application of silicone adhesive.
  • Powder coat painted in IRR Light Sand.
  • Final assembly including pressure relief valves, humidity indicators and fitment of custom made foam inserts.
  • 100% Quality inspection and packing.